More Powerful One Way Back Links

  Need to get some back links to your site? Here are the latest three websites that we use to get free backlinks to our customers sites from! These backlinks are all one way, you don't have to add their link on your site or pay any money for these backlinks!

  All, you have to do is is visit each of the link supplied below and replace the posted URL in the address bar and insert your own site (your own URL then enter). that you want to get a one way backlink free from!

Even though it take some time to submit your site manually, this is a great way to get free one way back links to your site.
  1. Get a one way back link from FedSearch.org. Just replace the URL in the back link with your site.
  2. Another one way back link is from a ".gov", SupremeCourt.gov.. Again, replace website with your URL
  3. Still more one way backlink from TransformingFreedom.org.. Again, replace the website listed with your blog or website.

Hope the above free backlinks help out your site in its search engine ranking placement! Remember these backlinks are free but of course, if you find the process of getting your own backlink is too time consuming, why not leave a comment with your site, and we will manually get backlinks for your site! NOTE, we are not pricey, we provide higher quality backinks than given on this blog and we will only take payment from Paypal.

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  • Updated Sept 9/18/2018

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